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Managing Rental Property just got easier.

rental-inspectionIf you manage a rental property, you know that renters come and go. It’s critical to maintain your property and stay on top of any red flags in order to avoid the need for costly repairs and minimize the time your property remains vacant when a renter decides to depart.

That’s where HouseCheck comes in. When you are between renters, HouseCheck can provide a rental property report detailing the exterior and interior condition of the property.

Our professional inspectors will assess ‘normal’ wear and tear, identify any damage which may have been caused by the renter, and offer repair recommendations. In addition, our ability to maintain historical data on your rental property will allow you to determine how much of a security deposit, if any, should be returned to the renter.

HouseCheck provides critical information that allows you to act quickly so that you can manage property damage, make necessary repairs, and once again make the property available to new renters.

Our unique reports will provide referral lists for the various building trades as well as detailed lists by trade to make any necessary repairs. And once the repairs are complete we can re-inspect the property to ensure everything is in proper working order.

Whether you are preparing your rental property for new renters or planning to sell it, you’ll need the expert advice of a HouseCheck inspector who has the experience and expertise to provide realistic estimates and help you to fully understand the condition of your rental property.

For more information on HouseCheck’s rental property inspection services, call us toll—free at 1-844.94.CHECK.

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