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We help real estate professionals close more deals.

Few people outside the real estate industry understand the divergent challenges that come to bear when bringing together home sellers and home buyers. But there’s one truth about real estate transactions that we at HouseCheck understand thoroughly — how the manner and professionalism of the Home Inspector can often make or break a real estate deal.

Most veteran real estate professionals can recount at least one experience in which a home inspector either jeopardized or scuttled a real estate deal without just cause.

HouseCheck Home Inspectors are trained to avoid this problem by communicating the true condition of a home without embellishment, conjecture, or speculative opinions. HouseCheck Inspectors understand and are respectful of the effort that has been invested in order to bring a transaction to the due diligence phase, and they take seriously their responsibility to be accurate, transparent, and fair to all parties involved.

Our HouseCheck Inspectors are among the best trained, most professional inspectors available anywhere, and that’s a great reason for real estate professionals to refer their clients to HouseCheck when they need home inspections.

But there are more reasons — such as HouseCheck’s exclusive HouseCheck Inspection Report.

At HouseCheck, we’ve completely re-thought and revamped the way Inspection Reports are presented, in order to make the report more intuitive, understandable, and useful. The result is an elegant, easy-to-read document that presents information clearly and concisely.

“The HouseCheck Inspection Report is the new industry standard that gives our independent inspectors a huge competitive advantage. This is the report that every consumer deserves”. Here are a few pages of the HouseCheck Inspection Report:

As a real estate professional, you’ll find there’s a great deal to be gained by cooperating with HouseCheck! Contact us now to find out more — call us toll-free at 844.94.CHECK, or email