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HouseCheck Introduces Innovative New Inspection Products

HouseCheck, the nation’s first consumer brand in the home inspection industry, announces the launch of seven new inspection products. These products offer specialized inspections for various home and commercial properties. Our new products include: 1) Builder Inspection – For new construction properties looking to differentiate their homes and provide an unbiased, third-party inspection validating the quality and craftsmanship of the work. 2) HOA Inspection – Home Owner Associations are responsible for the community properties such as pools, community buildings, and landscaping. Our HOA inspectors are specially trained to inspect these properties and provide realistic assessments of the conditions and needed [...]

HouseCheck Announces Investment in Innovative Inspection Technologies

HouseCheck, the company that is building a national consumer brand around the Home Inspection industry, has announced an ongoing program of technological investment and innovation designed to create new products that will revolutionize how home inspections are accomplished. “We’re engaging some of the world’s greatest technological minds to create things that have never even been imagined before in the home inspection industry,” exuded Dennis Conforto, President and CEO of HouseCheck. “Our people are imagining all kinds of innovations that would make home inspections easier, faster, or better, and we’re coming up with some amazing concepts. “For example, what if you [...]

HouseCheck Announces HouseCheck University

A new initiative aimed at scaling up the technical and functional skills of professional home inspectors HouseCheck today announced the launch of HouseCheck University™, a division of National HouseCheck Corporation that offers the most comprehensive home inspector licensing and certification preparation programs, home inspector professional development, home inspector exam prep, and home inspector continuing education. "We see this as a fantastic opportunity to provide our inspectors with the tools that they’ve been asking for,” said Perry, Campbell, VP Inspector Operations. “HouseCheck University is a professional training program that can help home inspectors at all levels of their careers gain the [...]

HouseCheck Announces Foundation to Combat Domestic Violence

HouseCheck, the nation’s first consumer brand in the home inspection industry, announces the launch of HouseCheck Foundation, an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of lives of those who are impacted by domestic violence. Cases of domestic violence are vastly under-reported, but it is estimated that between 1.5 million and 3.9 million women are physically abused every year in the US, according to the National Census of Domestic Violence Service. These figures don’t include the millions more women who are emotionally abused each year. Abusers isolate and limit the resources of their victims, making it difficult for women [...]

HouseCheck Announces First Team of Home Inspectors

BOISE - HouseCheck is proud to welcome its first team of home inspectors. The team of seven certified home inspectors are the first to align with HouseCheck, a Parma, Idaho-based firm dedicated to changing the way home inspections are done across the nation. "HouseCheck is revolutionizing the Home Inspection industry, and we are pleased to see that begin here in Parma," says HouseCheck President and CEO, Dennis Conforto. "Our team of Home Inspectors bring the knowledge and experience that are quickly making HouseCheck the leading national authority on home inspections and creating a better experience for home sellers, buyers and [...]