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Your budgeting for tomorrow hinges on the accuracy of your inspection today.

hoa-inspectionAs a Homeowner’s Association, you’re responsible for creating short- and long-term budgets. That requires a detailed assessment of the Association’s assets, coupled with an informed projection of what the future likely holds for those assets.

Whether you’re budgeting the maintenance of pools and community buildings, or just irrigation maintenance and tree trimming, you’ll need the expert advice of a property inspector who has the experience and training to provide realistic estimates of the condition of your property now and into the future.

HouseCheck’s inspection and analysis program provides just such a service for HOAs all across the nation. Our specialized team of property inspectors have the required knowledge and background to provide the information you need for reasonable budgeting projections.

For complete details and pricing, contact HOAsales@HouseCheck.net, or call us toll-free at 844.94.CHECK.

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