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Protecting your banking property assets.

foreclosure-inspectionAs a banking and mortgage institution you’re faced with foreclosures as a natural part of your business, each one bringing with it a unique set of challenges.

A high percentage of foreclosed properties have been neglected over a period of time, and therefore are in a distressed condition. There also may be damage due to vandalism, caused either by the former residents or by others who unlawfully access the property after it’s been vacated.

Obviously, you need to develop a plan to deal with these foreclosed properties; and that plan begins with a comprehensive, accurate assessment that gives you all the facts about the property.

HouseCheck offers an inspection and analysis program that provides the information you need to create a plan to deal constructively with a foreclosed property. Our HouseCheck certified inspectors are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional, and our Inspection Report presents details and photos of any issues that need to be considered whether rehabilitating or liquidating the property.

Our Inspection Report also includes a convenient list of background-checked tradespeople near the property to assist you with finding the contractors you need to make any necessary repairs. In addition, our report also organizes the repair list by trade, so you can easily present each tradesperson with a detailed list of projects they need to address.

After the repairs have been completed, HouseCheck can conduct an affordable re-inspection to certify that all repairs have been completed satisfactorily. This enables you to manage the rehabilitation process from a remote location, if necessary.

Dealing with foreclosed properties is never easy; but HouseCheck’s professional inspection services can make the process faster and less painful.

For details on our services for foreclosures, call us toll-free at 944.84.CHECK.

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