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When disaster strikes an insured property.

disaster-inspectionAs a lending or insurance institution, disaster risk is a leading part of your national or regional business. Whether it’s a single home fire, or a larger disaster such as a tornado, wildfire or flood affecting multiple properties, your clients are depending on a quick and efficient process so that they may begin their road to recovery.

When disaster strikes, getting inspections done quickly is necessary to help manage property damage, minimize additional risk, and better serve the needs of your clients.

HouseCheck can act fast to provide a Disaster Inspection Report detailing the exterior and interior condition of the property and any surrounding property. Our professional inspectors will assess the severity of the damage, list repair recommendations, and identify any indication of vandalism, an unfortunately common problem within a disaster zone.

The expert advice of a HouseCheck inspector with the experience to provide realistic estimates of the condition of your insured property can help to determine whether to simply repair the property or rebuild.

Our unique reports will also provide referral lists for licensed contractors to help secure services for any necessary repairs. And once the work is complete, HouseCheck can re-inspect the property to ensure repairs are satisfactory and everything is in proper working order.

To find out more about HouseCheck’s disaster inspection services, call us toll-free at 844.94.CHECK.

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