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There’s too much at stake to risk hiring anything less than the best inspector.

buyer-home-inspectionWhen buying a house, there’s a lot riding on the home inspection. You don’t want any unpleasant, expensive surprises after the sale closes!

That’s why it’s so important to contract with a home inspector who brings a high level of experience, knowledge, and impartiality to the inspection.

And that’s why we founded HouseCheck.

Our HouseCheck inspectors are the cream of the crop. We engage the best inspectors in each region, then we equip them to be even better through up-to-the-minute training tools, breakthrough technologies, and the backing of a solid national brand.

When you’re ready to hire a home inspector, remember that not all inspectors are created equal. When you choose a HouseCheck inspector, you’re assured of getting the most thorough inspection, the most useful report, and the most enjoyable peace of mind.

When it’s time to contract with an inspector, think HouseCheck to be sure you’re getting the best there is. To schedule an inspection, click below or call our toll-free Customer Care line: 844-94-CHECK.

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