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HouseCheck started out as a simple question.

HouseCheck was founded with a singular mission: To revolutionize the home inspection industry to the benefit of both home buyers and home sellers.

The genesis for this mission was a living room conversation between two friends – Dennis Conforto, an accomplished entrepreneur and seasoned business optimizer, and Perry Campbell, an experienced home inspector. The conversation started simply enough; Perry inquired, “Dennis, what would you suggest I do to grow my business?”

This question propelled the ever-inquisitive Dennis on a research mission to learn about the Home Inspection Industry in order to assist his friend.

Dennis was surprised by what he found — an essential service industry in which too many practitioners were competing for too little revenue. Some other unexpected characteristics of the national home inspection industry:

  • Widely varying legal requirements on home inspectors from state to state
  • No overarching national certification of inspectors
  • No established criteria by which consumers could evaluate the competency of any given home inspector
  • No national consumer-facing brand promoting the best home inspectors to consumers

The more Dennis learned about the home inspection industry, the more excited he became about the potential for revolutionizing the industry in a way that would make it better for everyone involved in it — especially home buyers, home sellers, real estate professionals, and professional home inspectors.

So with Perry providing the benefit of years of home inspection experience, Dennis set about building a team of professionals with whom he could create and launch a new national brand that would revolutionize the home inspection industry — HouseCheck.

In time, we anticipate that our HouseCheck network of home inspection experts will include over 8,500 inspectors covering all 50 states, as well as some 600 support personnel responsible for creating national consumer brand marketing programs, advanced software tools, extensive inspector training programs, and everything else necessary to the operation of a world-class organization.

Today and every day, our goal is to build a system that provides honest, dependable, comprehensive inspection services that will benefit everyone in the industry. Watch for the new HouseCheck brand to appear everywhere as we roll out our programs nationwide.

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